José Ramón Martínez

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AIM The objective of this experimental study was to assess the effectiveness of ADCON T/N in reducing perinerural adhesions when applied around a previously exposed and then anastomosed peripheral nerve in a rat model. METHODS Sixteen adult 8-month-old male Wistar rats were used for this study. After the ulnar nerve was exposed bilaterally, the nerves(More)
To have a better knowledge of the epidemiological and clinical aspects of rotavirus (RV) infection treated at out-patient clinics, we carried out a study in five centers (one hospital type I, and four out-patient clinics) of Miranda state, between february 2006 and january 2007. We evaluated 194 children <5 years old with acute diarrhea and analyzed the(More)
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is an important complication in burn patients. Recently, it has been recommended that hydroxyethyl starch (HES) be avoided in burn patients because it increases the incidence of AKI. Our purpose was to study incidence of AKI in critically ill burn patients resuscitated with Ringer's solution and supplements of HES. We conducted an(More)
One thousand six hundred and ninety-eight children and adolescents four to eighteen years-old were studied, eight hundred and forty of them were males and eight hundred and fifty-eight females. No individual following, was performed. Two determinations of both systolic and diastolic pressure were registered after a fifteen minutes rest, and the average(More)
Resumen: El presente trabajo aborda el tema de la búsqueda de expertise en el desarrollo de software, donde se tiene como objetivo obtener información para la creación de un mapa del conocimiento, el cual facilite la identificación de los elementos de información, cómo los desarrolladores buscan el expertise en su organización, y cuáles son los obstáculos a(More)
BACKGROUND Excessive bleeding is a major concern in scar debridement and grafting procedures. TT-173 is a new topical hemostatic agent based on recombinant human tissue factor that has shown promising results in patients who underwent tooth extraction. EHTIC study sought to evaluate the efficacy and safety of TT-173 to reduce the bleeding in donor sites of(More)
391 patients were studied, 288 males whose average age was forty years old, and 103 females whose average age was forty-five years old. They were divided into three groups, according to the values of the diastolic blood pressure in basal conditions: a) Normotensive (less than 90); b) Borderline (90); c) Mild Hypertensive (95-100 mm Hg). Comparison between(More)
AIM The objective of this experimental study was to test the capacity of accessory nerve motoneurons to innervate muscles of the ulnar nerve territory after direct anastomosis. METHODS This study used 22 cats in two groups: experimental group (15 cats) and control group (7 cats). The first one was followed during twelve months using electromyographic(More)
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