José R. Valdés-Martiní

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The features and theoretical background of a new and free computational program for chemometric analysis denominated IMMAN (acronym for Information theory-based CheMoMetrics ANalysis) are presented. This is multi-platform software developed in the Java programming language, designed with a remarkably user-friendly graphical interface for the computation of(More)
The present report introduces the QuBiLS-MIDAS software belonging to the ToMoCoMD-CARDD suite for the calculation of three-dimensional molecular descriptors (MDs) based on the two-linear (bilinear), three-linear, and four-linear (multilinear or N-linear) algebraic forms. Thus, it is unique software that computes these tensor-based indices. These(More)
The present manuscript introduces, for the first time, a novel 3D-QSAR alignment free method (QuBiLS-MIDAS) based on tensor concepts through the use of the three-linear and four-linear algebraic forms as specific cases of n-linear maps. To this end, the k(th) three-tuple and four-tuple spatial-(dis)similarity matrices are defined, as tensors of order 3 and(More)
Background: In previous reports, Marrero‐Ponce et al. proposed algebraic formalisms for characterizing topological (2D) and chiral (2.5D) molecular features through atom‐ and bond‐based ToMoCoMD‐CARDD (acronym for Topo‐ logical Molecular Computational Design‐Computer Aided Rational Drug Design) molecular descriptors. These MDs codify molecular information(More)
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