José R. S. Scolforo

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We review the management of Eucalyptus species under a coppice-with-standards (CWS) silvicultural system. CWS management results in product diversification, permitting production of small and large scale timber from the same stand. Eucalyptus species are suitable candidates for CWS management because: there are large worldwide plantation areas, sprouting(More)
BACKGROUND Alternaria alternata causes the Alternaria brown spot disease (ABS) in many tangerines and their hybrids worldwide. Plant extracts offer an alternative method for controlling this disease, which control is based on chemical fungicides. AIMS To identify plant species with antifungal properties against A. alternata, the causal agent of the ABS.(More)
The objectives of this study were to apply statistical techniques to discriminate fertilization treatments of Eremanthus erythropappus (DC.) MacLeish. through autoregressive modeling, and to develop individual tree models for diameter and crown area (CA) projection to define management strategies for candeia plantations subjected to different fertilization(More)
This paper describes the research carried out within the framework of the Ecological Economical Zoning of Minas Gerais (ZEE-MG) to model vegetation vulnerability derived by a number of spatial inference methods. Methods based on weighted overlay, fuzzy logic, and neural networks were compared in terms of visual similarity between maps, the degree of(More)
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