José R. Rios Leite

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An electronic circuit device, inspired on the FitzHugh-Nagumo model of neuronal excitability, was constructed and shown to operate with characteristics compatible with those of biological sensory neurons. The nonlinear dynamical model of the electronics quantitatively reproduces the experimental observations on the circuit, including the Hopf bifurcation at(More)
The critical relations for statistical properties on saddle-node bifurcations are shown to display undulating fine structure, in addition to their known smooth dependence on the control parameter. A piecewise linear map with the type-I intermittency is studied and a log-periodic dependence is numerically obtained for the average time between laminar events,(More)
The natural measure in a map with type-III intermittent chaos is used to define critical exponents for the average of a variable from a dynamical system near bifurcation. Numerical experiments were done with maps and verify the analytical predictions. Physical experiments to test the usefulness of such exponents to characterize the nonlinearity at(More)
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