José R. B. Gomes

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The adsorption of CO on Mg(001) constitutes a challenge for current density functional approximations because of its weak interaction character. In the present work we show that the M06-2X and M06-HF exchange-correlation functionals are the first ones to provide a simultaneously satisfactory description of adsorbate geometry, vibrational frequency shift,(More)
The adsorption of small molecules such as NO or CO on surfaces of magnetic oxides containing transition metals is difficult to model by current density functional approximations. Two such oxides are NiO(100) and Ni-doped MgO(100). Here we compare the results of a theoretical model of the Ni-doped MgO(100) surface with experimental results on NiO(100), which(More)
The importance of epoxides as synthetic intermediates in a number of highly added-value chemicals, as well as the search for novel and more sustainable chemical processes have brought considerable attention to the catalytic activity of manganese and iron complexes towards the epoxidation of alkenes using non-toxic terminal oxidants. Particular attention has(More)
HIV-1 gp41 facilitates the viral fusion through a conformational switch involving the association of three C-terminal helices along the conserved hydrophobic grooves of three N-terminal helices coiled-coil. The control of these structural rearrangements is thought to be central to HIV-1 entry and, therefore, different strategies of intervention are being(More)
We show that analytic, k-basic Finsler metrics in the two torus without conjugate points are analytically integrable, in the sense that the unit tangent bundle of the metric admits an analytic foliation by invariant Lagrangian graphs. This result, combined with the fact that C 1,L integrable k-basic Finsler metrics in the two torus have zero flag curvature(More)
Babesia bigemina is a protozoan parasite that causes babesiosis, a disease with a world-wide distribution in mammals, principally affecting cattle and man. The unveiling of the genome of B. bigemina is a project in active progress that has already revealed a number of new targets with potential interest for the design of anti-babesiosis drugs. In this(More)
We show that the geodesic flow of a compact, C 4 , Finsler surface without conjugate points and genus ≥ 2 is transitive. This result generalizes the work of P. Eberlein for compact Riemannian surfaces without conjugate points in the context of visibility manifolds. The core of the paper is a complete proof of the backward divergence of geodesic rays, that(More)