José R. B. Gomes

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BACKGROUND A possible strategy to reduce fatality rates of visceral leishmaniasis is to identify prognostic factors that can be easily assessed and used as an aid to clinical decision-making. PATIENTS AND METHODS A case-control study was developed in Teresina, Brazil, in which cases were patients who died during treatment (n = 12) and controls (n = 78)(More)
There is a high demand for new drugs against malaria, which takes millions of lives annually. The abuse of classical antimalarials from the late 1940's to the early 1980's has bred resistant parasites, which led to the use of more potent drugs that ended up by refueling the resistance cycle. An example is chloroquine, once highly effective but now virtually(More)
Lighten up: A selective fluorescent-labeling agent for quorum sensing (FLAQS) can be used for the visualization of the communication pathway of bacteria in live cells (see figure). This represents a new, operationally simple, fast, and inexpensive tool for the imaging of quorum-sensing receptors by using fluorescently labeled signaling-molecule analogues.
Although the understanding of ion specific effects on the aqueous solubilities of biomolecules is crucial for the development of many areas of biochemistry and life sciences, a consensual and well-supported molecular picture of the phenomena has not yet been established. Mostly, the influence of cations and the nature of the molecular interactions(More)
Concomitant serotypes 1 and 4 infections were detected in a 15-month old female child with community-acquired diarrhoea which lasted 7 days and coursed with moderate dehydration. The evidence for dual rotavirus infection was offered by the following findings: a) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) positive reactions to both 1 and 4 serotypes; and b)(More)
The role of the exchange-correlation density functional (PBE, PW91, RevPBE) and of surface relaxation in the determination of the adsorption energies, reaction energy barriers, and reaction rate constants has been analyzed taking water dissociation on Cu(111) surface as a test case. The PBE and PW91 functionals yield similar adsorption geometries and,(More)
The adsorption of CO on Mg(001) constitutes a challenge for current density functional approximations because of its weak interaction character. In the present work we show that the M06-2X and M06-HF exchange-correlation functionals are the first ones to provide a simultaneously satisfactory description of adsorbate geometry, vibrational frequency shift,(More)
The first anti-HIV drug, zidovudine (AZT), was approved by the FDA a quarter of a century ago, in 1985. Currently, anti-HIV drug-combination therapies only target HIV-1 protease and reverse transcriptase. Unfortunately, most of these molecules present numerous shortcomings such as viral resistances and adverse effects. In addition, these drugs are involved(More)
Zinc-aluminum layered double hydroxides with nitrate intercalated (Zn(n)Al-NO3, n=Zn/Al) is an intermediate material for the intercalation of different functional molecules used in a wide range of industrial applications. The synthesis of Zn(2)Al-NO3 was investigated considering the time and temperature of hydrothermal treatment. By examining the(More)
The adsorption of small molecules such as NO or CO on surfaces of magnetic oxides containing transition metals is difficult to model by current density functional approximations. Two such oxides are NiO(100) and Ni-doped MgO(100). Here we compare the results of a theoretical model of the Ni-doped MgO(100) surface with experimental results on NiO(100), which(More)