José R. B. Gomes

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BACKGROUND A possible strategy to reduce fatality rates of visceral leishmaniasis is to identify prognostic factors that can be easily assessed and used as an aid to clinical decision-making. PATIENTS AND METHODS A case-control study was developed in Teresina, Brazil, in which cases were patients who died during treatment (n = 12) and controls (n = 78)(More)
The control of malaria is challenged by drug resistance, and new antimalarial drugs are needed. New drug discovery efforts include consideration of hybrid compounds as potential multitarget antimalarials. Previous work from our group has demonstrated that hybrid structures resulting from cinnamic acid conjugation with heterocyclic moieties from well-known(More)
The adsorption of CO on Mg(001) constitutes a challenge for current density functional approximations because of its weak interaction character. In the present work we show that the M06-2X and M06-HF exchange-correlation functionals are the first ones to provide a simultaneously satisfactory description of adsorbate geometry, vibrational frequency shift,(More)
Several pure and Ag-doped gold surfaces were used as models of nanoporous gold catalysts where O(2) was suggested to be activated. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations show that residual Ag on Au is able to promote adsorption and to dissociate thermodynamically favorable O(2) with high rate constants.
Process simulation represents an important tool for plant design and optimization, either applied to well established or to newly developed processes. Suitable thermodynamic packages should be selected in order to properly describe the behavior of reactors and unit operations and to precisely define phase equilibria. Moreover, a detailed and representative(More)
There is a high demand for new drugs against malaria, which takes millions of lives annually. The abuse of classical antimalarials from the late 1940's to the early 1980's has bred resistant parasites, which led to the use of more potent drugs that ended up by refueling the resistance cycle. An example is chloroquine, once highly effective but now virtually(More)
Lighten up: A selective fluorescent-labeling agent for quorum sensing (FLAQS) can be used for the visualization of the communication pathway of bacteria in live cells (see figure). This represents a new, operationally simple, fast, and inexpensive tool for the imaging of quorum-sensing receptors by using fluorescently labeled signaling-molecule analogues.
Although the understanding of ion specific effects on the aqueous solubilities of biomolecules is crucial for the development of many areas of biochemistry and life sciences, a consensual and well-supported molecular picture of the phenomena has not yet been established. Mostly, the influence of cations and the nature of the molecular interactions(More)
We present a complete set of experimental approaches for the NMR assignment of powdered tripeptide glutathione at natural isotopic abundance, based on J-coupling and dipolar NMR techniques combined with (1)H CRAMPS decoupling. To fully assign the spectra, two-dimensional (2D) high-resolution methods, such as (1)H-(13)C INEPT-HSQC/PRESTO heteronuclear(More)