José R. A. Torreão

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Binocular disparities arise from positional differences of scene features projected in the two retinae, and constitute the primary sensory cue for stereo vision. Here we introduce a new computational model for disparity estimation, based on the Green's function of an image matching equation. When filtering a Gabor-function-modulated signal, the considered(More)
We present a new algorithm for shape from shading, inspired on the recently introduced disparity-based approach to photometric stereo. Assuming that the single input image will be matched to a second image through a uniform disparity eld, we construct an irradiance conservation equation and solve it for the matching image, via Green's function. When a(More)
The limited depth of field causes scene points at various distances from a camera to be imaged with different amounts of defocus. If images captured under different aperture settings are available, the defocus measure can be estimated and used for 3D scene reconstruction. Usually, defocusing is modeled by gaussian convolution over local image patches, but(More)
We propose and analyze a model, based on signal-tuned Gabor functions, for the receptive fields and responses of V1 cells. Signal-tuned Gabor functions are gaussian-modulated sinusoids whose parameters are obtained from a given, spatial, or spectral "tuning" signal. These functions can be proven to yield exact representations of their tuning signals and(More)