José Paulo Alves Fusco

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(002-0111) The formation and the development of enterprise networks and the Supply Chain Management (SCM) studies gained relevance. In this context, the operations strategy field evolved and enclosed the broader field of supply networks, as the works of Slack & Lewis (2002) and Rudberg & Olhager (2003) demonstrate. This paper proposes to categorize and(More)
The purpose of this article is to propose a methodological approach to analyse how the positioning of actors in an interorganisational network can influence the elements of value creation. This study fills a gap in the existing literature by exploring the relationship between the positioning of actors and the value creation in a context of(More)
The business world has changed the way how people think and act on products and services. In this context, the most recent amendment of the scenarios of retail operations has been the use of technology in sales and distribution. The internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, and moreover as they purchase their goods and services. Thus, the(More)
Since the last postwar period, some innovative forms of production organization have arisen, most of them from the experience of some successful Japanese industrial firms. After having achieved a certain size, such systems have presented a considerable increasing on complexity to operate properly their manufacturing area under the paradigm of mass(More)
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