José P. H. M. Thijssen

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The MITF/TFE subfamily of basic helix-loop-helix leucine-zipper (bHLH-LZ) transcription factors consists of four closely related members, TFE3, TFEB, TFEC and MITF, which can form both homo- and heterodimers. Previously, we demonstrated that in t(X;1)(p11;q21)-positive renal cell carcinomas (RCCs), the TFE3 gene on the X chromosome is disrupted and fused to(More)
Fusion of the SS18 and either one of the SSX genes is a hallmark of human synovial sarcoma. The SS18 and SSX genes encode nuclear proteins that exhibit opposite transcriptional activities. The SS18 protein functions as a transcriptional coactivator and is associated with the SWI/SNF complex, whereas the SSX proteins function as transcriptional corepressors(More)
The secondary structures of human hY1 and hY5 RNAs were determined using both chemical modification techniques and enzymatic structure probing. The results indicate that both for hY1 and for hY5 RNA the secondary structure largely corresponds to the structure predicted by sequence alignment and computerized energy-minimization. However, some important(More)
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