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Transient mutism has been known as a rare complication following a posterior fossa approach to cerebellar tumors and its cause has not been clearly elucidated. The cerebellar mutism is not accompanied by cranial nerve deficits and disorders of consciousness. Since 1985 only 23 cases of mutism following removal of a cerebellar tumor in children have been(More)
Diffuse villous hyperplasia of the choroid plexus (DVHCP) that causes hydrocephalus by overproduction of cerebrospinal fluid is a very rare lesion and difficult to diagnose initially. We present a male infant who was diagnosed with communicating hydrocephalus at 16 months of age and treated initially by ventriculoperitoneal shunt. In the postoperative(More)
Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded surgical specimens from 55 meningiomas were immunostained with monoclonal antibody against p53 (Immunotech, Marseilles, France). There were 38 women and 17 men ranging between 9 and 82 years of age. The patients were divided into two groups: group I (47 patients) – mildly symptomatic and group II (eight patients) – severe(More)
The authors studied 58 patients, under 12 years of age, admitted to the Emergency Room of the Sao Paulo University Hospital between September 1987 and November 1991 with the diagnosis of traumatic extradural hematoma. Emphasis was given to the etiology of injury, the time interval from head injury to emergency room evaluation, the clinical features and the(More)
This study presents 30 cases of fetal isolated spina bifida aperta (SBA) to identify prenatal ultrasound findings that could predict the prognosis. Comparisons between surviving patients who had normal (group 1) and abnormal (group 2) post-natal neurological outcomes were made for three different prenatal signs, that is, site of vertebral lesion, presence(More)
Cytosolic estrogen (ER), progesterone (PR), androgen (AR), and glucocorticoid (GR) receptors were evaluated in 6 meningiomas and 12 gliomas (6 astrocytomas and 6 glioblastomas) using a dextran-coated charcoal method. Thirty-three percent (two) of the meningiomas and 17% (two) of the gliomas contained positive (greater than or equal to 10 fmol/mg protein)(More)
BACKGROUND Nerve repair with fibrin glue is an alternative to conventional suture technique, although there is no definitive experimental evaluation of the 2 techniques. This experimental study was undertaken to evaluate nerve regeneration after sciatic nerve repair with fibrin glue and to compare it with repair performed with suture and a combination of(More)
Pilocytic astrocytoma (PA) is a benign tumor that rarely spread along the neuraxis. At the moment there are no more than five cases of leptomeningeal dissemination (LD) from PA at diagnosis described in the literature. Different patterns of presentation or recurrence may be noted: local recurrence, malignant transformation, multicentric disease or(More)
Craniopharyngiomas are most commonly located in the intradural suprasellar region. However, ectopic craniopharyngiomas can originate in the infrasellar region. The authors present the case of an 8-year-old boy diagnosed with a large cystic craniopharyngioma involving the nasal cavities and maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses, in addition to the sella(More)