José Otávio Sorbara

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This study was conducted to relate the performance of broiler chickens fed diets containing growth-promoting antibiotics to changes in the intestinal microbiota. The technique of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) of amplicons of the region V3 of 16S rDNA was used to characterize the microbiota. Two experiments were conducted, one with broilers(More)
The effects of supplementing canthaxanthin on productive and reproductive aspects of broiler breeders were examined in this study. In total, 360 female pullets and 36 roosters were placed in an open-sided house with 12 pens, each pen with an area of 7.0 m(2) (3.5 × 2.0 m). At 42 wk of age, the breeder hens and roosters were distributed into 2 experimental(More)
A case is made for the application of true ileal amino acid digestibility and true ileal reactive lysine digestibility (lysine availability) in poultry nutrition. Technical aspects of the true ileal digestibility assays are reviewed, as are factors influencing amino acid digestibility in the broiler. There is considerable variation in amino acid(More)
The isolation of Clostridium botulinum from honey samples is described. Botulism is characterized as an intoxication provoked by ingestion of contaminated foods with this toxin. Infant botulism happens by the ingestion of spores of C. botulinum together with food that in special conditions of the intestinal tract, such as those present in babies of less(More)
Since it started as an organized economic activity, poultry production has been undergoing an evolution toward the optimization of its feed formulation features. Notably, advances in the knowledge of birds' nutrient requirements have allowed recommendations that are increasingly closer to the needs of the birds. Over time, availability of nutrients and(More)
The use of exogenous enzymes in feeds for poultry has increased dramatically between 1990 and 2013. Today, the use of enzymes is broad, going beyond phytases and β-glucanases and xylanases to include other carbohydrases and proteases as well as lipases. The number of scientific articles and publications related to enzymes in feed clearly shows that this has(More)
acid analyses: aspartate (Asp), glutamine (Glu), serine (Ser), glycine (Gly), histidine (His), arginine (Arg), threonine (Thr), alanine (Ala), proline (Pro), tyrosine (Tyr), valine (Val), methionine (Met), cystine (Cys), isoleucine (Ile), leucine (Leu), phenylalanine (phe), lysine (Lys) and total amino acids (total AA). The apparent digestibility(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of increased levels of a β-xylanase on energy and nutrient utilization of broiler chickens fed corn-soy diets. A total of 480 slow feathering Cobb × Cobb 500 male broilers were randomly distributed to 10 treatments having 8 replicates of 6 birds each. Birds were fed a common starter diet to d 14 post hatch(More)
  • C . L . Walk, C . L . Wyatt, +11 authors S . Charraga
  • 2009
Educational Advisory Committtee′ with membership from the company staff as well as representatives from the growers supplying the complex. These committees set their own educational goals and agenda for what they want to accomplish within the 2-yr time frame of the project. Each committee is provided funding for educational programs based on the priorities(More)