José Neuman de Souza

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This article presents a voice quality measurement tool based on the ITU-T E-Model. Firstly, the ITU-T and ETSI specifications of E-Model are briefly reviewed and some errors found in these documents are pointed. After, a measurement tool based on the corrections is described. VoIP calls through the Brazilian National Education and Research Network (RNP)(More)
This paper proposes a method based on multivariate spatial and temporal correlation to improve prediction accuracy in data reduction for wireless sensor networks (WSN). Prediction of data not sent to the sink node is a technique used to save energy in WSNs by reducing the amount of data traffic. However, it may not be very accurate. Simulations were made(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is attracting considerable attention from the universities, industries, citizens and governments for applications, such as healthcare, environmental monitoring and smart buildings. IoT enables network connectivity between smart devices at all times, everywhere, and about everything. In this context, Wireless Sensor Networks(More)
The purpose of autonomic networking is to manage the business and technical complexity of networked components and systems. However, the lack of a common lingua franca makes it impossible to use vendor-specific network management data to ascertain the state of the network at any given time. Furthermore, the tools used to analyze management data, which(More)
While Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been traditionally tasked with single applications, in recent years we have witnessed the emergence of Shared Sensor Networks (SSNs) as integrated cyber-physical system infrastructures for a multitude of applications. Instead of assuming an application-specific network design, SSNs allow the underlying(More)
The main objective of Information Security Management (ISM) is to align IT security with business security in all service and service management activities within an integrated strategy with corporate IT governance. To obtain a full IT-business alignment is still a challenge to managers. In continual service improvement (CSI) related activities, such as(More)