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The synthetic chalcone 3',4',5',3,4,5-hexamethoxy-chalcone (CH) is an anti-inflammatory compound able to reduce nitric oxide (NO) production by inhibition of inducible NO synthase protein synthesis.(More)
E-2-chloro-8-methyl-3-[(4'-methoxy-1'-indanoyl)-2'-methyliden]-quinoline (IQ) is a new quinoline derivative which has been reported as a haemoglobin degradation and ss-haematin formation inhibitor.(More)
Objetive and Design: The synthetic chalcone derivative 1-(2,3,4-trimethoxyphenyl)-3-(3-(2-chloroquinolinyl))-2-propen-1-one (TQ) was evaluated for its immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory efficacy(More)
We have previously investigated the effects of a series of dimethoxy- and trimethoxychalcone derivatives, with various patterns of fluorination, on nitric oxide production in LPS-stimulated murine(More)