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Adriamycin (ADM) and 4'-epiadriamycin (4'-ADM) were given to mice in a single dose of 15 mg/kg body weight (i.p.). Twenty-five mice were alloted to 3 groups. One group (Group I; n = 8) was given ADM; another group (Group II; n = 9) was similarly treated with 4'-ADM, and a control group (n = 8) received an equivalent volume of 0.9% NaCl solution. Mice were(More)
Distal embolization may decrease myocardial reperfusion after primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Nonetheless, results of previous trials assessing the role of distal protection during primary PCI have been controversial. The Protection of Distal Embolization in High-Risk Patients with Acute ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Trial(More)
Human growth hormone (hGH) administered alone revealed itself as a useful drug to prevent ventricular aneurysm formation in experimental myocardial infarctions in rats and is also able to diminish and change the usually expected pattern of wall necrosis. A protective action on the collagen framework of myocytes has been confirmed as one of the main causes(More)
OBJECTIVE In animal models, formation of oxidants during postischemic reperfusion may exert deleterious effects ("oxidative stress"). Cardioplegic arrest/reperfusion during cardiac surgery might similarly induce oxidative stress. However, the phenomenon has not been precisely characterized in patients, and therefore the role of antioxidant therapy at(More)
BACKGROUND The process by which a fibrofatty plaque evolves into a fibrotic lesion or into an unstable, lipid-rich plaque is poorly understood. In this study our aim is to deepen the knowledge of the cellular proliferation mechanisms that characterize the initial phases of destabilization of the unstable carotid plaque. METHODS 32 specimens from carotid(More)
To assess a possible free-radical scavenging action of taurine during coronary artery bypass grafting, 12 patients were randomly divided into two equal groups. One to 3 hours before surgery, they received a rapid intravenous infusion of either placebo (group 1) or taurine (5 gm) (group 2). During surgery, biopsy samples were taken before ischemia(More)
A prior publication from our group reported the fact that Chagas disease is underdiagnosed. This review will summarize several aspects of Chagas disease in the United States including modes of transmission, which will demonstrate that clinicians should be more aware of the disease and its consequences. Trypanosoma cruzi is present in many animal species(More)
Alterations of chromosomes 7 and 11 have been involved in the progression of atherosclerosis. Twenty-three carotid endarterectomy specimens were studied for the presence of alterations in chromosomes 7 and 11, and fibroblastic growth factor-3 (FGF-3) gene amplification. Besides classic histological stainings, immunophenotyping of cellular and vascular(More)