José Miguel Urquiza Ortiz

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Affymetrix High Oligonucleotide expression arrays are widely used for the high-throughput assessment of gene expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. Although disputed by several authors, there are non-biological variations and systematic biases that must be removed as much as possible through the pre-processing step before an absolute expression(More)
An integrated case management (ICM) approach (ergonomic and problem-solving intervention) to work-related upper-extremity disorders was examined in relation to patient satisfaction, future symptom severity, function, and return to work (RTW). Federal workers with work-related upper-extremity disorder workers' compensation claims (n = 205) were randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Agitation and containment are frequent in psychiatric care but little is known about their costs. The aim was to evaluate the use of services and costs related to agitation and containment of adult patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital or emergency service. METHODS Systematic searches of four electronic databases covering the period(More)
The historical evolution (1956-1987) of the Spanish scientific production in anesthesiology and reanimation has been evaluated through the articles published in the Revista Española de Anestesiología y Reanimación. The yearly overall output had an exponential increase, with a duplication rate for the number of articles and pages of every 15 and 16 years,(More)
1,8-Diaza-anthracene-tetraones are novel intermediates in the synthesis of the antifolate antibiotic diazaquinomycin A that was found before to have potent antitumor activity. Three of them (CV65, CV66, and CV70) were found to inhibit growth of a panel of several human tumor cell lines. The IC50s ranged from 0.05 to 1.5 microM and are comparable with that(More)
Laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation produce intense noxious stimuli and are associated with an adrenergic response that can be deleterious in patients with concomitant diseases. Illuminating stylets effectively aid blind intubation by lighting the trachea, and using such devices has been associated with lower incidences of sore throat, dysphonia, and(More)