José Miguel Urquiza Ortiz

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BACKGROUND Agitation and containment are frequent in psychiatric care but little is known about their costs. The aim was to evaluate the use of services and costs related to agitation and containment of adult patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital or emergency service. METHODS Systematic searches of four electronic databases covering the period(More)
Affymetrix High Oligonucleotide expression arrays are widely used for the high-throughput assessment of gene expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. Although disputed by several authors, there are non-biological variations and systematic biases that must be removed as much as possible through the pre-processing step before an absolute expression(More)
one of the fathers of the Renormalization Group (RG) eory, probably the most important theoretical development in Statistical Physics in the last quarter of the 20 th century, that deserved a Nobel Prize in During his visit to Madrid, Prof. Fisher talked at length with the Royal Spanish Physical Society (RSEF), and in what follows we reproduce part of that(More)
This work presents a feasible solution to the problem of book losses prediction from financial and general data in companies. The specific problem tackled in this work corresponds to a real dataset of Spanish companies. A Mutual Information-based criterion has been applied in order to reduce the initial set of variables, and a Support Vector Machine(More)
In current Proteomics research, prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is one of the main goals, since PPIs explain most of the cellular biological processes. In the present work, we propose a method for prediction of protein-protein interactions in Yeast. Our proposal is based on the well-known classification paradigm called Support Vector(More)
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