José Miguel Urbano

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Laminins are heterotrimeric molecules found in all basement membranes. In mammals, they have been involved in diverse developmental processes, from gastrulation to tissue maintenance. The Drosophila genome encodes two laminin alpha chains, one beta and one Gamma, which form two distinct laminin trimers. So far, only mutations affecting one or other trimer(More)
During embryonic development, there are numerous cases where organ or tissue formation depends upon the migration of primordial cells. In the Drosophila embryo, the visceral mesoderm (vm) acts as a substrate for the migration of several cell populations of epithelial origin, including the endoderm, the trachea and the salivary glands. These migratory(More)
A collection of 917 accessions of Spanish durum and bread wheat was screened for resistance to leaf rust (Puccinia triticina) under field conditions at three locations. Resistance levels ranged from very low to very high, high susceptibility being most frequent. Relative disease severity (referred to the most susceptible accession = 100%) was lower than 20%(More)
COURSE DESCRIPTION The course is an introduction to the study of partial differential equations (PDEs) using functional analysis and energy methods. Questions of existence, uniqueness and regularity for weak solutions to linear elliptic and parabolic PDEs will be emphasized. Various nonlinear PDEs will also be studied, using a variety of different(More)
The most prominent developmental function attributed to the extracellular matrix (ECM) is cell migration. While cells in culture can produce ECM to migrate, the role of ECM in regulating developmental cell migration is classically viewed as an exogenous matrix presented to the moving cells. In contrast to this view, we show here that Drosophila embryonic(More)
Let L be a divergence form operator with Lipschitz continuous coefficients in a domain Ω, and let u be a continuous weak solution of Lu= 0 in {u = 0}. In this paper, we show that if φ satisfies a suitable differential inequality, then vφ(x)= supBφ(x)(x)u is a subsolution of Lu= 0 away from its zero set. We apply this result to prove C1,γ regularity of(More)
The aim of this paper is twofold: to prove, for L1−data, the existence and uniqueness of an entropy solution to the obstacle problem for nonlinear elliptic equations with variable growth, and to show some convergence and stability properties of the corresponding coincidence set. The latter follow from extending the Lewy–Stampacchia inequalities to the(More)
In this paper we study the unidirectional transport effect for Brownian ratchets modeled by Fokker–Planck-type equations. In particular, we consider the adiabatic and semiadiabatic limits for tilting ratchets, generic ratchets with small diffusion, and the multi-state chemical ratchets. Having established a linear relation between the bulk transport(More)