José-Miguel Sanchez

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The outcome of 25 children who had anoxic or ischemic brain injuries at 2 months to 14 years of age is reported. Follow-up was from 1 to 14 years after injury; causes were near-drowning, 11; suffocation, 7; cardiac arrest, 3; electrocution with cardiac arrest, 2; strangulation, 1; aborted sudden infant death syndrome, 1. All patients were unconscious for at(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate and compare the efficacy in obtaining an adequate endocervical sampling using the endocervical brush and the endocervical curettage. METHODS Analysis of the cytology and histology of samples obtained from patients referred to the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine Tertiary Care Center Anaplasia Clinics for colposcopy due to(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the frequency of associated hypoglycemia in an ethanol-ingesting pediatric and adolescent population. METHODS The study was a retrospective review of nondiabetic pediatric and adolescent patients with measurable ethanol levels (i.e., > or = 2 mmol/L) who had an ED serum glucose level determined. RESULTS Over the(More)
OBJECTIVES Muscular hyperactivity is a potential source of symptoms in patients with temporal-mandibular disorders. An adequate occlusal adjustment may relieve such symptoms. This study aims to measure the effect of shortening the protrusive disclusion time (DT) and balancing the center of occlusal forces (COF) on the EMG recordings and assess the pain(More)
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