José Miguel Morales-Asencio

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AIM To determine the psychometric properties and theoretical grounding of instruments that evaluate self-care behaviour or barriers in people with type 2 diabetes. BACKGROUND There are many instruments designed to evaluate self-care behaviour or barriers in this population, but knowledge about their psychometric validation processes is lacking. DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND Falls are a serious problem for hospitalized patients, reducing the duration and quality of life. It is estimated that over 84% of all adverse events in hospitalized patients are related to falls. Some fall risk assessment tools have been developed and tested in environments other than those for which they were developed with serious validity(More)
BACKGROUND The study of the factors that encourage evidence-based clinical practice, such as structure, environment and professional skills, has contributed to an improvement in quality of care. Nevertheless, most of this research has been carried out in a hospital context, neglecting the area of primary health care. The main aim of this work was to assess(More)
BACKGROUND Although evidence-based clinical practice constitutes a priority for healthcare services in many countries within the last few years, there is a general lack of implementation of evidence-based clinical practice in nursing care, especially in primary health care. Few qualitative studies concerning the influencing factors on evidence-based(More)
AIM This paper describes a literature review that identified common traits in advanced practice nursing that are specific to competency development worldwide. BACKGROUND There is a lack of international agreement on the definition of advanced practice nursing and its core competencies. Despite the lack of consensus, there is an ongoing process worldwide(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Our goal is to compile and analyse the characteristics - especially validity and reliability - of all the existing international tools that have been used to measure evidence-based clinical practice in physiotherapy. METHODS A systematic review conducted with data from exclusively quantitative-type studies synthesized in(More)
OBJECTIVE the objective in this study was to describe the strategies developed by digestive stoma patients to cope with their situation. METHOD a qualitative and descriptive study was undertaken, involving 21 stoma patients living in the provinces of Málaga and Granada (Spain). The informants were selected in accordance with criteria of appropriateness(More)
AIM This paper is a report of psychometric testing of the Spanish version of the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index for use in a primary health care. BACKGROUND The Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index has been widely used in different studies and contexts. However, there is no validated version for primary care nursing(More)
AIM The general aim of this study is to identify key factors perceived by nurses to influence evidence-based clinical practice at different centres. BACKGROUND During the last decade, there has been an increased interest in the identification of factors that facilitate the transfer of knowledge into clinical practice, among health care professionals.(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES A major problem in hospitals is that of falls, which can seriously reduce patients' quality of life. Fall rates vary considerably depending on health care practices, the hospital environment and the measurement method used. The aim of this study was to determine the characteristics of hospitalized acute patients who suffer(More)