José Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez

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BACKGROUND Individuals with cocaine dependence and co-occurring personality disorders are more likely to have increased impulsivity, dysfunctional beliefs, executive dysfunction and brain structural abnormalities by virtue of the conjoint impact of both pathologies. METHODS We recruited 32 cocaine dependent patients with comorbid Cluster B personality(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with cocaine and gambling addictions exhibit cognitive flexibility deficits that may underlie persistence of harmful behaviours. AIMS We investigated the neural substrates of cognitive inflexibility in cocaine users v. pathological gamblers, aiming to disambiguate common mechanisms v. cocaine effects. METHOD Eighteen cocaine(More)
Addiction treatment is a long-term goal and therefore prefrontal-striatal regions regulating goal-directed behavior are to be associated with individual differences on treatment motivation. We aimed at examining the association between gray matter volumes in prefrontal cortices and striatum and readiness to change at treatment onset in cocaine users with(More)
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