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The tight profit margins under which the Chemical Process Industry (CPI) operates are forcing companies to pay more and more attention to the design and operation of their Supply Chains (SC). Traditional approaches available in the Process Systems Engineering (PSE) literature to address the design and operation of chemical SC focus on the process operations(More)
Chronic tinnitus is a common condition with a high burden of disease. While many different treatments are used in clinical practice, the evidence for the efficacy of these treatments is low and the variance of treatment response between individuals is high. This is most likely due to the great heterogeneity of tinnitus with respect to clinical features as(More)
BACKGROUND European data, at least from Western Europe, are relatively good on migraine prevalence but less sound for tension-type headache (TTH) and medication-overuse headache (MOH). Evidence on impact of headache disorders is very limited. Eurolight was a data-gathering exercise primarily to inform health policy in the European Union (EU). This(More)
BACKGROUND Most primary headaches are episodic, and most estimates of the heavy disability burden attributed to headache derive from epidemiological data focused on the episodic subtypes of migraine and tension-type headache (TTH). These disorders give rise directly but intermittently to symptom burden. Nevertheless, people with these disorders may not be(More)
Migraine is not always well managed in clinical practice, often being under-diagnosed and under-treated. As a result, many sufferers never consult a physician or lapse from care after physician contact. Although most migraine care is provided by general practitioners, others, including specialists, emergency room physicians, pharmacists, and alternative(More)
The Eurolight project is the first at European Union level to assess the impact of headache disorders, and also the first of its scale performed by collaboration between professional and lay organizations and individuals. Here are reported the methods developed for it. The project took the form of surveys, by structured questionnaire, conducted in ten(More)
Keywords: Supply chain management Product portfolio management Supplier–customer relationships Corporate value Inventory management Risk management Flexibility a b s t r a c t Enterprise-wide decision problems are receiving increasing attention in the process systems engineering literature. In particular, the supply chain and product development pipeline(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the trajectory to diagnosis and information provided in a series of cluster headache (CH) patients from five headache clinics. METHODS CH patients were asked to fill in an ad hoc questionnaire. RESULTS Seventy-five patients (mean age 41.5 years, 67 males) completed the questionnaire. Patients had visited during an average of 4.9(More)