José Miguel Laínez

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A major challenge for an enterprise to stay competitive in today’s highly competitive market environment is to be able of capturing and handling he dynamics of its entire supply chain (SC). This work incorporates uncertainty and process dynamics into enterprise wide models which also ontemplate cross-functional decisions. The SC integrated solution(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the premise of individualized dosing charts (IDCs) as a clinical-bedside decision-support tool to individualize dosage regimens for drugs in which the interpatient variability is controlled by the pharmacokinetic (PK) behavior of the patient, to calculate the optimal sampling schedule (OSS), which minimizes the number of blood(More)
Enterprise-wide decision problems are receiving increasing attention in the process systems engineering literature. In particular, the supply chain and product development pipeline management components of this general class of problems have been subjects of intensive research in both their deterministic and their stochastic forms. The supply(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Variable metabolism, dose-dependent efficacy, and a narrow therapeutic target of cyclophosphamide (CY) suggest that dosing based on individual pharmacokinetics (PK) will improve efficacy and minimize toxicity. Real-time individualized CY dose adjustment was previously explored using a maximum a posteriori (MAP) approach based on a five(More)
The FDA’s Quality by Design initiative and associated design space construct (ICH, 2009), have stimulated the use of quantitative methods, mathematical and statistical models, and designed experiments in the process of drug development and manufacture. For a given drug product, the design space may be interpreted as the constrained region of the(More)
This work addresses the optimization of Supply Chain (SC) planning and design considering economical and environmental issues. The SC operations model applied does not require a superstructure definition a priori for the material flows. The strategic decisions considered in the model are facility location and equipment allocation. For the environmental(More)