José Miguel García-Rubia

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—Automatic detection of human motion is important for security and surveillance applications. Compared to other sensors, radar sensors present advantages for human motion detection and identification because of their all-weather and day-and-night capabilities, as well as the fact that they detect targets at a long range. This is particularly advantageous in(More)
— This study is based on the results of a slant-path Ka-band propagation experiment carried out in Madrid, Spain, regarding rain attenuation, which is the main propagation impairment in this frequency band. The experimental and statistical results correspond to seven complete years of measurements, a period large enough to accomplish a comprehensive(More)
This paper deals with the aplication of adaptive signal models for representing transients and sinusoids at the same stage in a parametric audio coder. To acomplish such goal, we search for sparse aproximations by means of matching pursuit with a mixed dictionary, instead of using two different dictionaries that operate in cascade. In such sense, complex(More)
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