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P2P-TV systems will certainly contribute to revolution the broadcast TV paradigm allowing ubiquitous access to a practically unlimited number of channels, representing an important step forward in the direction of the Anything/Anyone/Anywhere/Anytime communication paradigm of future Internet applications. Since its deployment, P2P-TV has already attracted(More)
In this paper the Differential Evolution algorithm is deployed to the robotic path planning optimization problem for autonomous mobile vehicles. At this stage, the simulations consider the robot world with level surfaces and static obstacles , in which the optimization is performed off-line. The global objective is to evaluate the differential evolutionary(More)
This paper describes an agile model-driven generative software development paradigm supported by mainstream tools to offer a significant leverage in hiding commonalities and configuring variabilities across families of video surveillance products while maintaining the new product quality. The integration of Agile and SPL (Software Product Line) paradigms is(More)
The heterogeneity of device interfaces and the disparity between interconnection standards leads to difficulty in achieving seamless device interoperability. The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) framework attempts to provide a unified Residential Service gateway by abstracting from the device interface and providing transparent methods for Service(More)
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) constitutes a very heterogeneous group of diseases with different aggressiveness. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and Burkitt’s lymphoma (BL) are two clinically aggressive lymphomas from the germinal center, very heterogeneous and with different genetic signatures. Several intracellular pathways are involved in(More)
This paper presents a novel segmentation approach for object detection in aquatic outdoor scenes such as swimming pools and its surroundings. This process is part of a video-based early drowning detection system for private swimming pools. Aquatic outdoor scenes are continuously changing due to reflections and refractions caused by water oscillation,(More)
The analysis of movement in the geographic space requires the development of systems and data models supporting storage and querying functions useful for the analysis of how movement evolves and how it is constrained by events or obstacles that emerge in space. In the past, the design of information systems has been often based on application driven(More)
To tackle the growing complexity and huge demand for tailored domestic video surveillance systems along with a high demanding time-to-market expectation, engineers at IVV Automação, LDA a are exploiting video surveillance domain as families of systems that can be developed following a pay-as-you-go fashion rather than developing an ex-nihilo new product.(More)