José Mauro P. Fortes

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In this paper, we specialize a novel stage of dimensionality reduction, based on a joint interpolation and decimation scheme (JIDS), proposed in [1] and [2], for airborne phased-array radars. The JIDS design approach consists of a very elegant and effective way to obtain the joint interpolation filter and decimation pattern, taking advantage of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a low-complexity robust radar-embedded Sidelobe Level (SLL) modulation for a communication system as a secondary task for the radar. The robust radar-embedded SLL modulation aims the generation of transmit beampatterns, that satisfactorily match a given transmit profile (with high fidelity adjustment at the mainlobe), where each(More)
This paper focuses on the protection of fixed service (FS) receivers from the aggregate interference produced by the satellites of multiple highly elliptical orbit satellite systems (HEOs). It analyzes the protection given to FS receivers operating in the 18GHz frequency band by the power flux-density (pfd) mask contained in Article 21 of the 2003 edition(More)
For pt.I see ibid., vol.44, pp.259-70 (1997). The performance of the maximum likelihood closed loop circuits, proposed in part I for phase aberration correction in phased array imaging systems, is analysed. This analysis is helpful in designing and also in determining the tracking mode phase error variance performance of both closed loop circuits (1-D and(More)