José Martínez-Raga

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BACKGROUND Cocaine dependence is a public health problem affecting 2 million individuals in USA. Craving is a predictor of subsequent cocaine use and is related to changes in brain activity in networks involving the prefrontal cortex. METHODS We investigated the efficacy of one session of high frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)(More)
Gabapentin is an antiepileptic drug shown to be effective in the treatment of pain disorders and appears to be useful as well for several psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal and cocaine dependence. Gabapentin, at a dose of 600 mg three times a day, was evaluated as an add-on medication to a standard(More)
AIMS The present 6 month follow-up study was conducted to investigate the possible influence of comorbid personality disorders on drug treatment, as well as associated psychopathology and HIV-related risk behaviors outcomes. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Data were collected initially from a consecutive sample of 74 patients with a diagnosis of opiate abuse or(More)
In this review paper it is intended to analyze the most recent publications on pharmacological treatment of drug dependences from a neuroscientific perspective. It has been divided into two parts, the first one focuses on the treatment of illegal substance dependence, specifically opiates and cocaine; and the second part deals with the pharmacological(More)
This cross-sectional study investigates the relation between a broad category of cognitive impairment and depression in a sample of 654 subjects aged 65 or over. This sample represents 74% of all subjects of that age living in a defined electoral district in North London, UK. The presence of depression and cognitive impairment was ascertained by(More)
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