José Martín Flores Albino

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The main goal of formation control strategies is to coordinate a robot team to achieve a desired formation pattern. Some applications of formation control, for instance sensing coverage, searching and rescue, transportation of large objects, etc. require to establish the desired positions of the robots according to an strategic and equidistant spatial(More)
The Neural Network (NN) modelling and application to system identification, prediction and control was discussed for many authors [15]. Mainly, two types of NN models are used: Feedforward (FFNN) and Recurrent (RNN). The main problem here is the use of different NN mathematical descriptions and control schemes, according to the structure of the object(More)
License plate localization for vehicle has been widely studied before, giving favorable results. However, as far as this research has advanced, there is no indication of extensive benchmarks to test the algorithms. Thus, in this work is presented the first stage of a vehicle’s license plate Automatic Recognition System, which is focused to only find the(More)
In this paper the letter segmentation of photographs was used, taken from a Parrot AR Drone’s camera with the aim of establishing a stimulusresponse, where the original picture formed by Red, Green and Blue (RGB) colors was segmented by color (choosing the red channel). Once the character is recognized, the Drone executes the corresponding action.(More)
In this paper presents an algorithm for extraction of audio rhythm of a digital signal. The rhythm is formed by changes of intensity in the audio data signal. The rhythm marks significant changes in the acoustic signals. Through a procedure of filtering for extraction the envelope of the audio signal, then through a square signal marked the start point and(More)
Currently, farming of aquatic species for human consumption is a worldwide practice performed. Hence, dissolved oxygen is one of the most important parameters of water quality in aquaculture systems, so maintaining good levels of concentration of this gas is essential for a successful production. This work presents a predictive model based on Artificial(More)
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