José Maria

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We introduce a new sub logic of third order logic (TO), the logic TO, as a semantic restriction of TO. We focus on the existential fragment of TO, which we denote Σ 1 , and we study its relational complexity by introducing a variation of the non deterministic relational machine, which we denote 3-NRM, where we allow third order relations in the relational(More)
This paper presents a work-in-progress design and implementation of a software-based token-passing Ethernet protocol for multipoint communications in real-time applications , that does not require any modification to existing Ethernet hardware. Because the protocol is based on fixed priorities, applications using it can be easily modeled using common(More)
Web-based education or e-learning has become an essential matter in the university studies during the last decade. Over 80% of teachers in Spanish universities currently use this technology for delivering distance courses or as a supplement to the traditional face-to-face classes. This new form of learning allows the disappearance of geographical barriers(More)
Resumen Background: Recent researches in Theory of Mind (ToM) relate its development to the development of the metacognitive skills “planning,” “regulation,” and acquisition of “predictive and causal reasoning.” These studies reveal the importance of metacognitive training in the development of mentalist skills. Method: In the present work, the effects of(More)
Because of the strong relationship between health status and diet quality, many indices have been developed to measure diet quality. Although most of these indices are intended to show a relationship with health outcomes, in all indices this association has been proved to be moderate, especially in the case of obesity. Moreover, all suggested indices are(More)
This paper sets out to identify the initial positions of the different decision makers who intervene in a group decision making process with a reduced number of actors, and to establish possible consensus paths between these actors. As a methodological support, it employs one of the most widely-known multicriteria decision techniques, namely, the Analytic(More)
We consider redistributional taxation between people with and without human capital if education is endogenous and if individuals differ in their perceptions about own ability. Those who see their ability as low like redistributive taxation because of the transfers it generates. Those who see their ability as high may also like redistributive taxation(More)
SCN NEWS provides information on issues of importance and sharing of experiences in the field of international nutrition. All manuscripts submitted for consideration are peer-reviewed, although publication is not guaranteed. Overall editorial control is retained by the SCN Secretariat. Every effort is made to ascertain the validity of the infor matio n(More)