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Sparsified Adaptive Cross Approximation Algorithm for Accelerated Method of Moments Computations
This paper presents a modification of the adaptive cross approximation (ACA) algorithm for accelerated solution of the Method of Moments linear system for electrically large radiation and scatteringExpand
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Compressed Block-Decomposition Algorithm for Fast Capacitance Extraction
A novel algorithm, the compressed block decomposition, is presented for highly accelerated direct (noniterative) method-of-moment capacitance extraction. Expand
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Accelerated Direct Solution of the Method-of-Moments Linear System
This paper addresses the direct (noniterative) solution of the method-of-moments (MoM) linear system, accelerated through block-wise compression of the MoM impedance matrix. Expand
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Orthogonal basis functions for the discretization of the Magnetic-field Integral Equation in the low frequency regime
We compare the accuracy in the RCS computation from the discretization in Method of Moments of the Magnetic-field Integral Equation of two different sets of orthogonal facet-oriented basis functions:Expand
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Comments on "Fast direct solution of method of moments linear system
In the above-named work a new algorithm is presented for direct (non-iterative) frequency domain method of moments (MoM) calculations based on block-wise compression of the impedance matrix. TheExpand
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On the efficient evaluation of hyper-singular integrals in Galerkin surface integral equation formulations via the direct evaluation method
Surface integral equation formulations are proven to be one of the most powerful methods for the solution of various electromagnetic (EM) antenna and scattering problems. Galerkin variants of theExpand
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Analysis of numerical integration in the evaluation of hyper-singular integrals in Galerkin surface integral equation formulations via the direct evaluation method
In this paper, some aspects of the direct evaluation method for the computation of hyper-singular 4-D integrals, arising in the Galerkin discretization of surface integral formulations, are analyzed.Expand
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Stable Discretization of the Electric-Magnetic Field Integral Equation With the Taylor-Orthogonal Basis Functions
We present two new facet-oriented discretizations in method of moments (MoM) of the electric-magnetic field integral equation (EMFIE) with the recently proposed Taylor-orthogonal (TO) andExpand
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Comparison of lossy filters and predistorted filters using novel software
This paper compares several synthesis alternatives for a 4GHz filter with 36 MHz bandwidth. The alternatives considered are: classical synthesis, various forms of predistortion and lossy filterExpand
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Fast direct solution of the combined field integral equation
The Method of Moments for electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems is often used in conjunction with the EFIE because the EFIE allows the analysis of open surfaces. For electrically largeExpand
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