José Maria Moreno

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2003: Spatial and temporal variations of malaria epidemic risk in Ethiopia: factors involved and implications. Critical regions: a model-based estimation of world water resources sensitive to global changes. 2003b: Global estimates of water withdrawals and availability under current and future " business-as-usual " conditions. A new perspective on the(More)
backscatter coefficients at 1064 nm (2 systems) and 532 nm (all systems), and for extinction coefficients at 532 nm (2 systems). In total, three field campaigns were carried out between 2006 and 2007. Comparisons were limited to the highest layer found before the free troposphere, i.e., either the atmospheric boundary layer or the aerosol layer just above(More)
Ferrous ion biooxidation is a process with many promising industrial applications: mainly regeneration of ferric ion as an oxidizing reagent in bioleaching processes and depuration of acid mine drainage. The flooded packed-bed bioreactor (FPB) is the design that leads to the highest biooxidation rate. In this bioreactor, biomass is immobilized in a biofilm(More)
To extend and reinforce the action of the European network EARLINET (supported by the EARLINET-ASOS European project), a network of Spanish and Portuguese aerosol lidars (SPALINET) was created. In the first three years of the project six out of the ten systems have been successfully intercompared, seven elastic algorithms and six Raman algorithms have also(More)
A new family of stable layered organic-inorganic materials has been prepared, in one-step solvothermal process. They are based on an ordered nickel cluster-type nanoribbons separated from each other by specific alkyl (heptyl- or dodecyl-) arylic mono-carboxylate moieties acting as molecular spacers, perpendicular to the 1D inorganic chains. These organic(More)
Coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks are appealing as synthetic hosts for mediating chemical reactions. Here we report the preparation of a mesoscopic metal-organic structure based on single-layer assembly of aluminium chains and organic alkylaryl spacers. The material markedly accelerates condensation reactions in water in the absence of acid(More)
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