José Maria Moreno

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We have developed a method of liquid chromatography in tandem with mass spectrometry to monitor therapeutic levels of imatinib in plasma, a selective inhibitor of protein tyrosine kinase. After solid-phase extraction of plasma samples, imatinib and its internal standard, imatinib-D8, were eluted with Zorbax SB-C18 at 60 °C, under isocratic conditions(More)
Ferrous ion biooxidation is a process with many promising industrial applications: mainly regeneration of ferric ion as an oxidizing reagent in bioleaching processes and depuration of acid mine drainage. The flooded packed-bed bioreactor (FPB) is the design that leads to the highest biooxidation rate. In this bioreactor, biomass is immobilized in a biofilm(More)
We report a method for the determination of delta(18)O isotopic abundance in olive oils. The results obtained by applying the method to various Andalusian oil samples obtained in the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons are discussed in relation to olive variety, geographical origin, climate and ripeness index. Application of the method to samples of assured(More)
A group of eight Spanish lidars was formed in order to extend the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network– Advanced Sustainable Observation System (EARLINET-ASOS) project. This study presents intercomparisons at the hardware and software levels. Results of the system intercomparisons are based on range-square-corrected signals in cases where the lidars(More)
[1] This work deals with the retrieval of the aerosol optical thickness (AOT) needed to carry out the atmospheric correction of remote sensing data measured in Barrax (Spain) on 4 June 1999 in the framework of 1999 Digital Airbone Imaging Spectrometer Experiment (DAISEX’99). The AOT was estimated through three approaches based on: spectral extinction of(More)
Coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks are appealing as synthetic hosts for mediating chemical reactions. Here we report the preparation of a mesoscopic metal-organic structure based on single-layer assembly of aluminium chains and organic alkylaryl spacers. The material markedly accelerates condensation reactions in water in the absence of acid(More)
Various methods have been proposed for deconvolution of spectral line profiles obtained with scanning Fabry-Perot spectrometers. Nowadays there is a tendency to use the Fourier analysis method, due to its higher accuracy and speed. A typical problem with this method is to deter­ mine the precision with which the information of interest is extracted. In this(More)
A homochiral vanadium-salen based MOF with the pcu topology is constructed via in situ synthesis under solvothermal conditions. The synthesized MOF exhibits BET surface areas of 574 m(2) g(-1), showing the highest H2 adsorption capacity (1.05 wt% at 77 K, 1 bar) and the highest CO2 uptake (51 cm(3) g(-1) at 273 K, 1 bar) for currently known salen-based(More)
Due to the ever-increasing amount of attention paid to the 'naturalness' of ingredients in food and beverages by both consumers and controlling authorities, the search for suitable methods for the characterisation of origin is of primary importance. Within the European Community the wine production industry is often faced with the problem of origin control(More)