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Endemic bird species and conservation in the Cerrado Region, South America
A general overview of the largest South American savanna region, the Cerrado Region, is presented. Using simple approaches, I analyse the distribution of the bird species endemic to this region inExpand
The Caatinga: Understanding the challenges
The Caatinga is a well-recognized ecological region that lies in the semiarid hinterland of northeastern Brazil and that covers 912,529 km2. The term ‘Caatinga’ refers mostly to a seasonally dryExpand
Conservation planning and the IUCN Red List
The increasing reliability and comprehensiveness of the IUCN Red List suggests that its role as a source of biodiversity data is certain to expand dramatically, and this work aims to identify comprehensive protected area networks that together will minimize biodiversity loss. Expand
Impact of human activities on the Caatinga
Studies to date suggest that most of the native vegetation in the Caatinga has remained relatively intact. In this chapter we have combined information from fire hotspots, roads, and land-use changesExpand
Do protected areas hamper economic development of the Amazon region? An analysis of the relationship between protected areas and the economic growth of Brazilian Amazon municipalities
The Brazilian Amazon harbours 70 % of the world’s tropical forests and is essential to the country’s economy because it maintains biodiversity, sustains the livelihoods of the indigenous people andExpand