José Marcos Díaz

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An AIDS case, with a Candida urinary infection causing papillary necrosis and accompanied by occurrence of fungal lumps is reported. The paper remarks on the incidence and peculiarities of urinary affectation in these patients, emphasizing the usefulness of percutaneous nephrostomy as a diagnostic, and above all as a therapeutic procedure, in cases of(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical and urodynamic features of a series of women with post void residual urine (disbalanced voiding) and various degrees of associated cystocele. METHODS 119 female patients were studied by clinical evaluation, urodynamics, and imaging tests (VCUG). All patients underwent history and genitourological examination (evaluating(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical and urodynamic characteristics of a series of adult males with BPH and bladder diverticula, and to analyze the changes in urodynamics in patients undergoing lower urinary tract surgery to relieve obstruction, with or without associated diverticulectomy. METHODS We studied 91 patients in two groups: Group 1- BPH: 67(More)
An additional case of verrucous carcinoma of the penis is described. This tumor type accounts for approximately 5% of squamous carcinomas of the penis. Today penile verrucous carcinoma is widely considered to be the same tumor as that described by Buschke and Löwenstein in 1925. The histological and clinical features as well as the therapeutical aspects of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine what clinical, analytic and ultrasound parameters, are more effective to predict the result of a second biopsy in patient with high PSA and a first prostate biopsy negative. MATERIAL AND METHODS It was carried out a longitudinal study in a series of 435 cases with negative prostate biopsy. In 59 of these cases it was practiced a(More)
Multilocular Renal Cyst is a variety contained within the Spectrum of Renal Embryonic Tumors, presenting much confusion relating to its terminology, histology, clinical aspects, etc. We have carried out a review of this subject through bibliographical compilation of the cases published between 1976-86, and close analysis of the series thus far published.(More)
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