José María Román

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Diverse cell-surface molecules of the nervous system play an important role in specifying cell interactions during development. Using a method designed to generate mAbs against neural surface molecules of defined molecular weight, we have previously reported on the surface protein, Bravo, found in the developing avian retinotectal system. Bravo is(More)
Using a monoclonal antibody, we have identified and characterized a previously unknown cell surface protein in chicken that we call neogenin and have determined its primary sequence. The deduced amino acid sequence and structure of neogenin characterize it as a member of the immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily. Based on amino acid sequence similarities,(More)
The general four parameter point interaction in one dimensional quantum mechanics is regulated. It allows the exact solution, but not the perturbative one. We conjecture that this is due to the interaction not being asymptotically free. We then propose a different breakup of unperturbed theory and interaction, which now is asymptotically free but leads to(More)
Cells from the spleen, thymus, lymph node, and liver of leukemic AKR mice suppress in vitro antibody responses of normal syngeneic and semiallogeneic cells. This suppression can be mediated by irradiated leukemic cells, requires cell contact between leukemic and normal cells, and may occur at any time during the in vitro culture period. Leukemic AKR cells(More)
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