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This paper deals with the problem of observability of traffic networks, understanding as such the problem of identifying which is the subset of the origin-destination (OD)-pair and link flows that can be calculated based on a subset of observed OD-pair and link flows, and related problems. A modified topological version of an existing algebraic method for(More)
MicroRNAs are short non-coding RNA molecules that participate in the regulation of gene expression. Several studies have demonstrated the involvement of microRNAs in oncogenesis and a variety of physiological functions. We conducted a literature review of studies that evaluated histological microRNAs in colorectal cancer. Although additional clinical(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, noncoding RNAs that are involved in carcinogenesis through postranscriptional gene regulatory activity. Few studies have focused on the detection of miR-21 in serum rather than in tissue. The current study aimed to measure serum miR-21 expression levels and to evaluate their association with the(More)
The ESEOO Project, launched after the Prestige crisis, has boosted operational oceanography capacities in Spain, creating new operational oceanographic services and increasing synergies between these new operational tools and already existing systems. In consequence, the present preparedness to face an oil-spill crisis is enhanced, significantly improving(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS In the attempt to establish the different incidence between cancer in anatomically whole stomachs and cancer in patients who have undergone a surgical procedure for morbid obesity, a review on the epidemiology of bariatric surgery and stomach cancer and a correlation with the global incidence of stomach cancer (comparing it with the median(More)
A stochastic demand dynamic traffic model is presented to predict some traffic variables, such as link travel times, link flows, or link densities, and their time evolution in real networks. The model considers that the variables are generalized beta variables such that when they are marginally transformed to standard normal, they become multivariate(More)