José María Mayoral-Cortés

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BACKGROUND Most mortality atlases show static maps from count data aggregated over time. This procedure has several methodological problems and serious limitations for decision making in Public Health. The evaluation of health outcomes, including mortality, should be approached from a dynamic time perspective that is specific for each gender and age group.(More)
We analyzed the impact of municipal areas socio-economic environment and trends in inequalities in smoking in Spain, 1987-2001. Inequalities in smoking have increased in both sexes. In males are the result of a higher decrease in the prevalence of smoking among the most advantaged groups, and in women, it is due to a higher increase among the less(More)
Mortality is one of the most widely used indicators in small-area ecologic studies. Both accessibility to mortality data and advances in the development of new disease mapping techniques have contributed to an abundance of mortality maps and atlases over the last decade. Results may be biased in this kind of study if there has been unmeasured geographic(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this article is to evaluate the age-period-cohort effects on mortality from cerebrovascular disease in Andalusia (southern Spain) as a whole and in each of its 8 provinces during the period 1981-2008. METHODS A population-based ecologic study was conducted. In all, 145,867 deaths were analyzed for individuals between the ages of 15(More)
Until now, mortality atlases have been static. Most of them describe the geographical distribution of mortality using count data aggregated over time and standardized mortality rates. However, this methodology has several limitations. Count data aggregated over time produce a bias in the estimation of death rates. Moreover, this practice difficult the study(More)
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. The analysis of breast cancer mortality is needed to plan healthcare systems. This study aims to evaluate the age-period-cohort effects on breast cancer mortality in Andalusia (Southern Spain) as a whole and in each of its eight provinces during the period 1981-2008. A population-based ecological(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death and one of the top 4 causes of burden of disease worldwide. The aim of this study was to evaluate age-period-cohort effects on mortality from ischemic heart disease in Andalusia (southern Spain) and in each of its 8 provinces during the period 1981-2008. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND As part of the EMECAM Project, the objective of this study is that of assessing the impact of air pollution on the daily mortality in Seville throughout the 1992-1996 period. METHODS During the 1992-1996 period, readings were taken daily of the amounts of SO2, particles in suspension (PM10) and NO2 present in the air in the city of Seville, in(More)
Since human infection by a novel influenza virus A H1N1 of swine origin was reported in April 2009, the virus has spread worldwide causing a pandemic. In the Southern Hemisphere, the first pandemic wave has taken place, coinciding with Austral Winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, transmission has been sustained under the basal level of epidemic until the(More)