José María Fernández - Palacios

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M. Ruiz-Rodrı́guez (correspondence), J. J. Soler, M. J. Palacios and T. Pérez-Contreras, Dept. Ecologı́a Funcional y Evolutiva, Estación Exp. de Zonas Áridas-CSIC. C/ General Segura 1, E-04001, Almerı́a, Spain. E-mail: F. S. Lucas, Cereve, Univ. of Paris EstVal de Marne, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, F-94010. Créteil, France. P.(More)
Since the contributions of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, oceanic archipelagos have played a central role in the development of biogeography. However, despite the critical influence of oceanic islands on ecological and evolutionary theory, our focus has remained limited to either the island-level of specific archipelagos or single archipelagos.(More)
A marker system has been set up for the analysis of competitiveness of Rhizobium leguminosarum strains for legume nodulation. The strains generated incorporate gusA and celB marker genes at identical positions and allow efficient scoring of single and double infections. Based on this system, we have found that strain UPM791 outcompetes 3841 for nodulation(More)
Six new taxa of Campodeidae (Diplura) are described in the genera Litocampa, Juxtlacampa, Oncinocampa, and Tachycampa. We also redescribe the interesting species Juxtlacampa juxtlahucensis Wygodzinsky, 1944 from Juxtlahuaca cave in Guerrero, Mexico. All of these taxa are cave-dwelling species with more or less noticeable troglobiomorphic features They(More)
In 1960, Dr. in Architecture Antonio Lamela brought up the issue of the need for territorial organisation from a planetary context to supra municipal one. He published a book in the mid-70’s developing these ideas, (Lamela, 1976). He named this idea, which he has been developing ever since, Geoism (Lamela 2003). One can define Geoism as a proposal of(More)
Ornamental colouration is often due to carotenoid pigments and varies interand intra-specifically. This paper reports on variation in beak colour of the gentoo penguin, Pygoscelis papua, corresponding to different geographical locations along a latitudinal gradient in the Antarctic Peninsula (from King George Island (628150S– 588370W) to Rongé Island(More)
This work presents the results of an experimental study on supercooled droplet deformation and breakup near the leading edge of an airfoil. The results are compared to prior room temperature droplet deformation results to explore the effects of droplet supercooling. The experiments were conducted in the Adverse Environment Rotor Test Stand (AERTS) at The(More)
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