José María Fernández-Calabozo

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In this paper we introduce a Web-based tool for the analysis of Genomic Expression (GE) data based in K-Formal Concept Analysis (KFCA). First we present the task of analysing GE data and then we describe the tool implementing KFCA. As a second contribution, we present a mechanism to visualise a sequence of concept lattices by fixing the intents against the(More)
The aim of this paper is to describe a Quality of Service (QoS) model enabling to measure the perceptual quality of video transmissions by exploiting metrics from different layers (service, application, network) in an interoperable way. As such we are able to keep the quality experienced by the end user at a satisfactory level without cost-intensive(More)
Gene Expression Data (GED) analysis poses a great challenge to the scientific community that can be framed into the Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) and Data Mining (DM) paradigm. Biclustering has emerged as the machine learning method of choice to solve this task, but its unsupervised nature makes result assessment problematic. This is often(More)
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