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The effects of beta-amyloid peptide25-35 on resting membrane potential, spontaneous and evoked action potential and synaptic activity have been studied in basolateral amygdaloid complex on slices obtained from adult rats. Intracellular recordings reveal that perfusion with beta-amyloid peptide25-35 at concentrations of 400 nM and less did not generate any(More)
The long-term effect of transplanting embryonic frontal cortex into a unilateral frontal cortex lesion has been studied in adult rats. Before surgery, activity in an open field, muscular strength of both forelimbs, and performance in a paw-reaching-for-food task were scored in 26 rats. In 21 animals a unilateral cortex lesion was then made in the forelimb(More)
Intracellular recordings in slice preparations of the basolateral amygdala were used to test which excitatory amino acid receptors mediate the excitatory postsynaptic potentials due to stimulation of the external capsule. These recordings were also used to examine the action of muscarinic agonists on the evoked excitatory potentials. Intracellular(More)
1. The discharge patterns of 117 lateral cerebellar neurones were studied in cats during visually guided stepping on a horizontal circular ladder. Ninety per cent of both nuclear cells (53/59) and Purkinje cells (53/58) showed step-related rhythmic modulations of their discharge frequency (one or more periods of 'raised activity' per step cycle of the(More)
1. The discharge patterns of 166 lateral cerebellar neurones were studied in cats at rest and during visually guided stepping on a horizontal circular ladder. A hundred and twelve cells were tested against one or both of two visual stimuli: a brief full-field flash of light delivered during eating or rest, and a rung which moved up as the cat approached.(More)
The electrophysiological properties, the response to cholinergic agonists and the morphological characteristics of neurons of the basolateral complex were investigated in rat amygdala slices. We have defined three types of cells according to the morphological characteristics and the response to depolarizing pulses. Sixty-six of the recorded cells (71%)(More)
1. The impulse activity of single neurones in the forelimb part of the motor cortex was recorded extracellularly in unrestrained cats during self-paced locomotion on a horizontal circular ladder. 2. Fifty-one cells (forty-nine of which discharged rhythmically in time with the step cycle) were recorded during encounters with a number of rungs that could be(More)
In the present study, a cationic membrane conductance activated by the acetylcholine agonist carbachol was characterized in vitro in neurons of the basolateral amygdala. Extracellular perfusion of the K+ channel blockers Ba2+ and Cs+ or loading of cells with cesium acetate did not affect the carbachol-induced depolarization. Similarly, superfusion with(More)
The prefrontal cortex is involved in many processes, some of which are related to motor activity such eye movements and speech. Experimental data exist that suggest that prefrontal cortical activity occurs in relation to attention, short-term memory, affective discrimination, and complex forms of motor behaviour, i.e. anticipatory preparation, motor(More)
A number of studies, in animals and humans, describe the positive effects of the growth hormone (GH) treatment combined with rehabilitation on brain reparation after brain injury. We examined the effect of GH treatment and rehabilitation in adult rats with severe frontal motor cortex ablation. Thirty-five male rats were trained in the paw-reaching-for-food(More)