José María Abril

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Phosphogypsum (PG) has been usually applied as Ca-amendment to reclaim sodic soils such as those in the marshland area of Lebrija (SW Spain). This work aimed at the effects of PG amendments on the uptake of trace-elements by tomato and its implications for food safety. A completely randomized experiment was performed using a representative soil from Lebrija(More)
Kinetic transfer coefficients are important parameters to understand and reliably model the behaviour of non-conservative radionuclides in aquatic environments. This report pertains to a series of five radiotracer experiments on Pu uptake in natural aqueous suspensions of unfiltered waters from three aquatic systems in the south of Spain (Gergal reservoir,(More)
Sediments play an important (but still poorly understood) role in the dispersion and final fate of radionuclides and other hazardous materials in aquatic systems. Adopting an experimental point of view, the present work deals with the transfer of a radioactive tracer from water to sediments. Sediments and waters were sampled in the Odiel and Tinto estuaries(More)
In recent years an increasing experimental effort has been paid to the study of the sorption process of radionuclides and heavy metals by particulate matter in aquatic environments. This has led to the development of different kinetic box models. Most of them are variations of two basic approaches: one containing several (up to three) parallel reactions(More)
The reliability of the narrative of the Biblical Exodus has been subject of heated debate for decades. Recent archaeological studies seem to provide new insight of the exodus path, and although with a still controversial chronology, the effects of the Minoan Santorini eruption have been proposed as a likely explanation of the biblical plagues. Particularly,(More)
Tile drainage and soil amendments have been found to affect losses of nitrate N from agricultural soils. This work was aimed at measuring nitrate N losses in a tile-drained marsh soil from SW Spain under traditional fertilization and irrigation practices, and how these losses were influenced by the application of soil amendments. To this end, a randomised(More)
Dispersion of pollutants in aquatic environments depends on their uptake by suspended solids. This work deals with the uptake kinetics of 133Ba (gamma-emitter and a good analogue of 226Ra) by suspended estuarine sediments (which can be resuspended into the water column under certain conditions). This study presents a wide set of tracing experiments,(More)
The Volta and Pra estuaries (Ghana, West Africa) are dynamical sedimentary systems whose natural equilibrium is being affected by anthropogenic activities. This paper reports depth-distributions of 210Pb, 226Ra, 234Th, 40K, 228Ra and 137Cs for two sediment cores from these estuaries. Bulk densities were not steady-state and well correlated with 40K (p <(More)
Settling fluxes and sediment accumulation rates in coastal Tema Harbour (Ghana) were investigated by the combined analyses of results in sediment traps and sediment cores. Sediment traps were deployed at 5 stations within the Tema Harbour at two sampling depths and were retrieved every two weeks till the end of 12weeks to estimate the Settling Fluxes (SFs).(More)
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