José Manuel de la Rosa

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− This paper describes a SIMULINK block set for the behavioral simulation of RF receivers. Building blocks are modeled including their main circuit-level non idealities. These models are incorporated into the SIMULINK environment making an extensive use of C-coded S-functions and reducing the number of library block elements. This approach reduces the(More)
—This paper presents a high-level synthesis tool for 61 modulators (61 s) that combines an accurate SIMULINK-based time-domain behavioral simulator with a statistical optimization core. Three different circuit techniques for the modulator implementation are considered: switched-capacitor, switched-current and continuous-time. The behavioral models of these(More)
This paper presents an efficient method to synthesize cascaded sigma-delta modulators implemented with continuous-time circuits. It is based on the direct synthesis of the whole cascaded architecture in the continuous-time domain instead of using a discrete-to-continuous time transformation as has been done in previous approaches. In addition to place the(More)