José Manuel Sánchez Peña

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A new temperature-frequency converter based on the variation of the dielectric permittivity of the Liquid Crystal (LC) material with temperature has been demonstrated. Unlike other temperature sensors based on liquid crystal processing optical signals for determining the temperature, this work presents a system that is able to sense temperature by using(More)
Region labeling is an important task in automatic image processing. It consists of assigning information (labels) to each pixel regarding their position, level, etc. and also information regarding the group to which each pixel belongs. This information is useful for many diverse purposes. There are several approaches within this field to perform this task,(More)
— In this study we present the results of evaluating the sonification protocol of a new assistive product aiming to help the visually impaired in perceiving their surroundings through sounds organized in different cognitive profiles. The evaluation was carried out with 17 sighted and 11 visually impaired participants. The experiment was designed over both(More)
Stereo vision is a usual method to obtain depth information from images. The problems encountered when applying the majority of well established algorithms to provide this information are due to the high computational load required. This occurs in both the block matching and graphical cues (such as edges) matching. In this article we address this issue by(More)
A novel temperature sensor based on nematic liquid crystal permittivity as a sensing magnitude, is presented. This sensor consists of a specific micrometric structure that gives considerable advantages from other previous related liquid crystal (LC) sensors. The analytical study reveals that permittivity change with temperature is introduced in a hyperbolic(More)
The main characteristic of liquid crystals is that their properties, both electrical and optical, can be modified through a convenient applied signal, for instance a certain voltage. This tunable behavior of liquid crystals is directly related to the orientation of their nanometric components with respect to a director direction. However, the initial(More)
The aim of this project is facilitate the integration of hard of hearing people in education. The system is based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) and in text to speech conversion. A client-server architecture was implemented with wireless communication which can run on three different devices. The system provides two output files with the(More)
Stereo vision is one of the most important passive methods to extract depth maps. Among them, there are several approaches with advantages and disadvantages. Computational load is especially important in both the block matching and graphical cues approaches. In a previous work, we proposed a region growing segmentation solution to the matching process. In(More)
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