José Manuel Ramírez-Aranda

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THERE ARE ANALYZED SOME OF THE MAIN ASPECTS RELATED TO THE CAUSALITY OF PREECLAMPSIA, PRIVILEGING TWO TYPES OF MODELS: the clinic model and the epidemiologic model, first one represented by the hypothesis of the reduced placental perfusion and the second one considering the epidemiologic findings related to the high levels of psychosocial stress and its(More)
An analysis of the adoption of secondary preventive behaviors is significant in regions with disparities in mammography use and breast cancer survival. Therefore, we determined the cognitive factors and the degree to which they differentiate stages of change in mammography among Mexican women. We also compared the decisional balance performance at Mexico,(More)
AIMS To assess placental transfer of antibodies to the child at birth and at 2 months of age. MATERIALS AND METHODS For the quantification of anti-PT IgG antibodies, we used an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay standardized by The National Institute of Epidemiologic Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE). Samples were considered negative from 0 to 48(More)
INTRODUCTION Neuraxial anesthesia in upper abdominal laparoscopic surgery decreases perioperative morbidity and mortality. However, shoulder pain is common and difficult to control. Use of a major opioid (e.g., fentanyl) for the control of this event may depress respiratory function. This is why we believe that a safe and effective therapeutic control of(More)
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