José Manuel Quero Reboul

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—Use of advanced communication technologies, highly integrated control, and programming platforms drastically increases the performance of industrial control systems. That is the case of Motronic, where the synergistic collaboration between industry and academia has led to an advanced distributed network control system. To be commercially successful, it(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT the terms that are to be processed are synchronous pulse sequences [3]-[4]. These pulses randomly take, at each clock cycle, either a of taking the " high level. The average of a stochastic signal can The authors are grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their ''high " or ''low " level. Information is codified as the probability helpful(More)
—For some industrial applications, an accurate estimation of a light source position is needed. That is the case for a heliostat, a device that projects sunlight onto a focus hundreds of meters away from its aiming point. In this paper, we present a novel sensor design for generating an alignment error signal. Included is a detailed study of its response,(More)
—This paper presents a gas distribution chamber for a silicon polymer-electrolyte-membrane fuel cell. The silicon structure contains the mechanical support, gas distribution channels, and hydrogen diffusion layer, all built from the same substrate. An identical structure can be used for the oxygen or air side, in case of forced circulation. The novel(More)