José Manuel Quero Reboul

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Portable equipments for telemedical applications is one of the most innovative sectors in biomedical engineering. Health departments of governments are interested in tele diagnostic systems to avoid collapses in hospital and urgency services. In this paper, we describe a potable electrocardiograph/holter equipment with telephony and GSM transmission, using(More)
Use of advanced communication technologies, highly integrated control, and programming platforms drastically increases the performance of industrial control systems. That is the case of Motronic, where the synergistic collaboration between industry and academia has led to an advanced distributed network control system. To be commercially successful, it(More)
For some industrial applications, an accurate estimation of a light source position is needed. That is the case for a heliostat, a device that projects sunlight onto a focus hundreds of meters away from its aiming point. In this paper, we present a novel sensor design for generating an alignment error signal. Included is a detailed study of its response,(More)
We present the experimental measures of the intermodulation distortion in a static stochastic resonator. The dispositive is basically a Heaviside nonlinearity with adjustable .threshold fed with a white noise plus a harmonic test signal. In the stochastic resonance regime we present experimental results demonstrating a linearization effect. These results(More)