José Manuel Pérez-Lorenzo

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This paper proposes a new algorithm for extracting line segments from edge images. Basically, the method performs two consecutive stages. In the first stage, the algorithm follows a line segment Random Window Randomized Hough transform (RWRHT) based approach. This approach provides a mechanism for finding more favorable line segments from a global point of(More)
For some applications based on virtual reality technology, presence and task performance are important factors to validate the experience. Different approaches have been adopted to analyse the extent to which certain aspects of a computer-generated environment may enhance these factors, but mainly in 2D graphical user interfaces. This study explores the(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for visual features detection, which is based on the presence of objects whose shape can be modelled using cylinders or generalized cylinders. These specific structures are commonly found on indoor and outdoor scenarios, and their image representations, the so-called curvilinear regions, automatically deform with(More)
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