José Manuel Grijalva-Chon

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The decapod Penstyldensovirus 1 (PstDV-1) represents one of the most serious threats for penaeid shrimp farming. Studies aimed at defining relevant molecular effects of this virus over its host are(More)
To detect the presence of point mutations in a small section of the mutS homolog2 (MSH2) gene in both healthy and affected persons treated at the General Hospital of the State of Sonora, a 353 base(More)
The shrimp necrotizing hepatopancreatitis is caused by a pleomorphic Gram-negative Rickettsialike bacteria known as NHP-B. It is well known that silver is an effective bactericidal, but experiments(More)
The nominal Yaqui catfish, Ictalurus pricei, is a species of Ictaluridae (Siluriformes) often recorded from Northwest Mexico. Southern distribution members of the I. pricei complex in Northwest(More)