José Manuel García de la Vega

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The basis set and the functional dependence of one-bond carbon-carbon NMR spin-spin coupling constants (SSCC) have been analyzed using density functional theory. Four basis sets (6-311G**, TZVP, EPR-III, and aug-cc-pVTZ-J) and four functionals (PBE, PW91, B3LYP, and B3P86) are tested by comparison with 70 experimental values corresponding to 49 molecules(More)
A remarkable difference for (2)J(C(2)-H(f)) coupling constant in syn and anti conformers of 5-X-furan-2-carboxaldehydes (X = CH(3), Ph, NO(2), Br) and a rationalization of this difference are reported. On the basis of the current knowledge of the Fermi-contact term transmission, a rather unusual dual-coupling pathway in the syn conformer is presented. The(More)
A systematic study of basis set superposition error (BSSE) behavior in H(3)C-H[ellipsis (horizontal)][NO] complexes for both -H...N- and -H...O- orientations were carried out using MP2 and density-functional theory with Pople's [6-31G(d,p),6-311++G(nd,nd), where n=1,2,3, and 6-311++G(3df,3pd)] and Dunning's augmented correlation consistent basis sets(More)
A metastable carbon nanotube with single, double, and triple bonds has been predicted from ab initio simulation. It results from the relaxation of an ideal carbon nanotube with chirality (2,1), without any potential barrier between the ideal nanotube and the new structure. Ten-membered carbon rings are formed by breaking carbon bonds between adjacent(More)
The modern computer simulations of potential green solvents of the future, involving the room temperature ionic liquids, heavily rely on density functional theory (DFT). In order to verify the appropriateness of the common DFT methods, we have investigated the effect of the self-interaction error (SIE) on the results of DFT calculations for 24 ionic pairs(More)
Optimized shifting and/or scaling factors for calculating one-bond carbon-hydrogen spin-spin coupling constants have been determined for 35 combinations of representative functionals (PBE, B3LYP, B3P86, B97-2 and M06-L) and basis sets (TZVP, HIII-su3, EPR-III, aug-cc-pVTZ-J, ccJ-pVDZ, ccJ-pVTZ, ccJ-pVQZ, pcJ-2 and pcJ-3) using 68 organic molecular systems(More)
A computational strategy that combines both time-dependent and time-independent approaches is exploited to accurately model molecular dynamics and solvent effects on the isotropic hyperfine coupling constants of the DMPO-H nitroxide. Our recent general force field for nitroxides derived from AMBER ff99SB is further extended to systems involving hydrogen(More)
Vicinal (3)JHH coupling constants for monosubstituted ethane molecules present the unusual relationship (3)JHH (180°) < (3)JHH (0°) when the substituent contains bonding and antibonding orbitals with strong hyperconjugative interactions involving bond and antibond orbitals of the ethane fragment. This anomalous behavior is studied as a function of the(More)
A set of weak complexes between imidazole (Imi) and nitric oxide (NO) were calculated with UMP2/6-31++G(d,p) and UMP2/6-311++G(2d,2p) levels of theory. Planar and nonplanar geometries were considered. Complexes of NO and protonated imidazole (ImiH(+)) were also studied due to the biological important effect of Imi protonation. It was found that ring(More)
We present a forensic case associated with skeletonized human remains found inside a cistern in a coastal town located in the eastern Iberian Peninsula (Valencian Regional Government, Spain). In order to analyse the particular environmental conditions that occurred during oviposition and development of the collected insects, estimated temperatures at the(More)