José Manuel Castro

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We experimentally demonstrate a novel grating which only produces reflection with mode conversion in a two-mode waveguide. That characteristic can improve the performance of optical devices that currently use tilted Bragg gratings to provide the mode conversion. Tilted Bragg gratings produce also reflections without mode conversion which increases noise and(More)
Ammonium and asparagine produced a concentration-dependent reduction of cephamycin C biosynthesis by Streptomyces lactamdurans. Addition of ammonium salts at 1 mM concentration reduced cephamycin biosynthesis by resting cells of S. lactamdurans, whereas concentrations of asparagine above 10 mM were required to get the same effect. High ammonium(More)
Optical add-drop multiplexers (OADMs) based on asymmetric Y branches and tilted gratings offer excellent-performance in wavelength-division multiplexed systems. To simplify waveguide fabrication, ion-exchange techniques appear to be an important option in photosensitive glasses. Optimum OADM performance depends on how accurately the waveguide fabrication(More)
Spatial Spectral Holographic imaging system (S(2)-VHIS) is a promising alternative to confocal microscopy due to its capabilities to simultaneously image several sample depths with high resolution. However, the field of view of previously presented S(2)-VHIS prototypes has been restricted to less than 200μm. This paper presents experimental results of an(More)
A new methodology describing the effects of aperiodic and multiplexed gratings in volume holographic imaging systems (VHIS) is presented. The aperiodic gratings are treated as an ensemble of localized planar gratings using coupled wave methods in conjunction with sequential and non-sequential ray-tracing techniques to accurately predict volumetric(More)
A phase-contrast volume holographic imaging system for three-dimensional contrast enhancement is presented. The system utilizes a spatial filter placed on a conjugate plane to the volume holographic pupil to simultaneously enhance weak phase information at different depths within an object. The proposed system was validated with experimental image data(More)
The performance of broadband volume holographic imaging system in terms of depth selectivity is investigated. The mechanism for depth resolution degradation is explained. In order to overcome this resolution degradation, a novel imaging device, the confocal-rainbow volume holographic imaging system, is proposed. Modeling and experimental validation of the(More)
A novel optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM) based on a null coupler with an antisymmetric grating was designed and experimentally demonstrated. The antisymmetric grating exclusively produces a reflection with mode conversion in a two-mode waveguide. This improves the performance compared with previous demonstrations that used tilted Bragg gratings. Our(More)