José Manuel Cano Pavón

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In this work, a new chelating resin [1,5-bis (2-pyridyl)-3-sulphophenyl methylene] thiocarbonohydrazide immobilised on aminopropyl-controlled pore glass (550 A; PSTH-cpg) was synthesised and packed in a microcolumn which replaced the sample tip of the autosampler arm. The system was applied to the preconcentration of lead. When microliters of 10% HNO3,(More)
A simple, sensitive, low-cost and rapid, flow injection system for the on-line preconcentration of lead by sorption on a microcolumn packed with silica gel funtionalized with methylthiosalicylate (TS-gel) was developped. The metal is directly retained on the sorbent column and subsequently then eluted from it by EDTA. Five variables (sample flow rate,(More)
Concentrations of heavy metals were measured in sediment and water from Málaga Bay (South Spain). In the later twentieth century, cities such as Málaga, have suffered the impact of mass summer tourism. The ancient industrial activities, and the actual urbanization and coastal development, recreation and tourism, wastewaters treatment facilities, have been(More)
A fully automated procedure for the determination of rhodium has been developed using flow injection (FI) on-line microcolumn preconcentration coupled with electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS). The proposed FI manifold and its operation make possible the introduction of the total eluate volume into the graphite atomizer, avoiding the(More)
Two flow injection inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric methods for the preconcentration and determination of trace amounts of cadmium in sea-water and waste-water samples are described based on the adsorption of the metal ion on a micro-column placed in the injection valve of the FI manifold and packed with silica gel funtionalised with(More)
This mini-review covers chelating sorbents anchored to silica gel and their analytical applications for the preconcentration, separation and determination of trace metal ions, focussing mainly on the last 20 years. The article summarizes also the experience gathered by our research group in the synthesis and characterization of new modified silica gels "via(More)
A simple, sensitive, low-cost and rapid flow injection (FI) on-line sorption preconcentration/hydride generation system has been synchronously coupled to an electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometer (ETAAS) for the determination of trace amounts of Sb in aqueous environmental samples (river and sea water samples). The system is based on retention of the(More)