José Manuel Calvo

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OBJECTIVES To quantify the prevalence of suicidal ideation in a population of university students, to characterize groups in connection with ideation and suicidal behavior, and to determine the variables associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. METHODS Observational, analytic and cross-sectional study of a probabilistic sample of the(More)
Introducción. La evidencia disponible sugiere que algunos signos neurológicos atribuidos al uso de neurolépticos son realmente manifestaciones secundarias de trastornos psicóticos. Objetivo. Se efectuó el presente estudio con el objetivo de evaluar el papel del signo glabelar como componente clínico del parkinsonismo secundario inducido por neurolépticos.(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the SQLS scale in Colombian patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. METHOD The self-report scale was applied to 251 patients. Measures of test-retest reliability, internal consistency and correlation inter-scales with the SF-12 were made by applying the scale 2 days later in 28 patients, and 30 days later in 38; 50 patients filled-out(More)
INTRODUCTION Some neurological findings have been attributed to neuroleptics as secondary manifestations of psychotic disorders. OBJECTIVE In the current study, the role of the glabelar sign was evaluated as a clinical component of the secondary parkinsonism induced by neuroleptics. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients with psychosis having secondary(More)
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