José Manuel Bernal de Lázaro

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Programmed cell death is a basic cellular process that has aroused much interest in recent years. Like immune cells, cultures of cerebellar granule neurons are very homogeneous and provide a unique opportunity for quantifying by flow cytometry one form of programmed cell death in the CNS, the apoptosis, and for studying its regulation by neurotrophic(More)
Acute cold stimulus induces activation of the thyreotropic axis characterized by a rapid increase in plasma thyrotropin (TSH). Since pituitary TSH release is mainly regulated by two hypothalamic hormones: thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) and somatostatin, the aim of this study was to analyse whether changes in the steady state mRNA levels and peptide(More)
 Abstract—An electromyography signal that was taken from the surface of the stump-muscle of an amputee is used to control over the myoelectric prosthesis. We present a method of acquiring these signals over the surface of the skin by using a surface-EMG electrode connected to it. In this study, a five fingered prosthetic hand, actuated by five motors, one(More)
We have examined the expression of cyclin dependent kinase (cdk) 5 protein kinase and p35nck5a, its activator subunit, during postnatal neurogenesis in rat cerebellum, using mono-specific antibodies. Both cdk5 and p35nck5a are present and associated in proliferative stages, although cdk5-p35 kinase activity is barely detectable. Cdk5-p35 activity, but not(More)
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