José Manuel Barrueco Cruz

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The RePEc Economics library offers the largest distributed source of freely downloadable scientific research reports in the world. RePEc also contains details about Economics institutions, publication outlets and people working in the field. All this data forms a large relational dataset. In this paper we describe HoPEc, a system that allows to implement(More)
Cataloging online documents requires a finer level of granularity than many other objects. Collecting that data is a costly process to achieve and manage. One possible approach towards cataloging these resources is to get a community of providers involved in cataloging the materials that they provide. This paper introduces RePEc of(More)
This paper presents and analyses " NEP: New Economics Papers " , the current awareness service of the RePEc digital library. NEP is a human-mediated service. New items arriving in RePEc are examined by editors of subject-specific reports. This paper introduces NEP from a conceptual point of view and communicates how NEP fits into the evolving world of(More)
The RePEc academic documentation for Economics is the contains the largest distributed digital library in the world. It indexes over 35,000 freely accessible electronic papers is the field of academic Economics. This paper is an intermediate work report on our ongoing efforts to develop an citation linking system for this project. We discuss both technical(More)
We have developed a system that can elaborate a citation index in an automated way. It has been tested with Spanish journals. We need evaluate our system, mainly in effectiveness of the retrieval of citations. Criteria for evaluation of the system is presented and discussed, and the results of the application to our system are showed and analyzed.