José Manuel Barrios

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In this work we evaluate the feasibility of a VANET Warning System in which damaged vehicles send vehicle safety messages with high reliability and low delay. We performed a sensitivity study to evaluate the impact of varying some parameters in the proposed system. We varied the number of damaged vehicles, the total number of vehicles, as well as the(More)
Perusal of records concerning 14 patients diagnosed and operated for Cysts of the thyrolingual duct, in the last 5 years (1984-1989). In this term the AA. have had at their disposal the newly diagnostic methods introduced at their Hospital. Among the clinic features considered in the paper, for instance, the age, they point out the differences verified(More)
Poufour du Petit syndrome is an extraordinarily unusual clinical condition produced by hyperactivity of the sympathetic cervical chain as a consequence of irritation of these nerves. It causes an ipsilateral mydriasis, which, in patients suffering a head injury as in the case reported here, can confuse the diagnosis and disconcert physicians.
The trapezius osseomyocutaneous flap is the only pedicled flap that is able to transfer vascularized bone for mandibular reconstruction as well as skin for intra-extra oral reconstruction. The trapezius muscle also helps to fill the defect created by the neck dissection and covers the vessels of the neck. This flap has been used in our maxillofacial surgery(More)
Around 15% of traffic accident casualties in Europe are pedestrians. To date, most of the studies carried out only provide statistical information on the problem and few in-depth studies provide countermeasures which might correct it. There are many studies concerning pedestrian protection, which can be grouped into 'pedestrian modelling', 'biomechanical(More)
The AA report two cases of reconstruction of the lower lip (after removal of the growth) following the Bernard-Brown procedure. They discuss other technics for lip repair. In both instances the achieved results were good, both aesthetically and functionally, attaining the goals of this surgery: normal aspect of the lip borderline, good sensitivity, tonus of(More)