José Manuel Baptista

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We consider nonlinear gauged σ-models with Kähler domain and target. For a special choice of potential these models admit Bogomolny (or self-duality) equations — the so-called vortex equations. Here we describe the space of solutions and energy spectrum of the vortex equations when the gauge group is a torus T n , the domain is compact, and the target is C(More)
We describe a topological field theory that studies the moduli space of solutions of the symplectic vortex equations. It contains as special cases the topological sigma-model and topological Yang-Mills over Kähler surfaces. The correlation functions of the theory are closely related to the recently introduced Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten invariants.
A review of refractive index measurement based on different types of optical fiber sensor configurations and techniques is presented. It addresses the main developments in the area, with particular focus on results obtained at INESC Porto, Portugal. The optical fiber sensing structures studied include those based on Bragg and long period gratings, on(More)
We consider gauged sigma-models from a Riemann surface into a Kähler and hamilto-nian G-manifold X. The supersymmetric N = 2 theory can always be twisted to produce a gauged A-model. This model localizes to the moduli space of solutions of the vortex equations and computes the Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten invariants. When the target is equivariantly(More)
A sensing head based on a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber for in-reflection measurement of micro-displacements is presented. The sensing structure takes advantage of the multimodal behavior of a short segment of hollow-core photonic crystal fiber in-reflection, being spliced to a single mode fiber at its other end. A modal interferometer is obtained(More)
Recent advances in devices and applications of high-birefringence fiber loop mirror sensors are addressed. In optical sensing, these devices may be used as strain and temperature sensors, in a separate or in a simultaneous measurement. Other described applications include: refractive index measurement, optical filters for interrogate gratings structures and(More)
The intrinsic advantages of optical sensor technology are very appealing for high voltage applications and can become a valuable asset in a new generation of smart grids. In this paper the authors present a review of optical sensors technologies for electrical current metering in high voltage applications. A brief historical overview is given together with(More)
We consider the vortex equations for a U(n) gauge field A coupled to a Higgs field φ with values on the n × n matrices. It is known that when these equations are defined on a compact Riemann surface Σ, their moduli space of solutions is closely related to a moduli space of τ-stable holomorphic n-pairs on that surface. Using this fact and a local(More)